Cocott’arium Extension of product lifespan Responsible consumption Recycling   FRANCE Web: Contact: Localisation: Presles (95) Sector: Fin de vie Creation date: 2018 Date of analysis: novembre 2020 Project maturity: Under development Overview History of the project Born in 2015 during the Jardin Jardin competition, Cocott’arium is an initiative led by Aurélie Deroo that […]

Mister Bin

Mister Bin Recycling   FRANCE Web: mister_bin_officiel Contact: Localisation: Paris Sector: End of life Creation date: Under development Meeting Date: November 2020 Project maturity: Creation overview Mister Bin is an intelligent waste management solution that improves the recycling process where it starts – at home. In France, only 26% of municipal waste was recycled […]


Vépluche is an example of a circular economy solution applied to bio-waste from collective and commercial catering.

The proposed offer is twofold: a free collection of bio-waste and in return for which restaurant owners commit to buying fruits and vegetables proposed by Vépluche.
The collection and distribution of the products is done according to zero-carbon logistics, with the application of the zero-carbon last kilometer rule. To do this, Vépluche uses a super-cargo bike and an electric van to ensure food distribution and waste collection with a reduced carbon footprint.

The bio-waste is composted in their plant based in Châtillon to be transformed into compost, sold in particular to Parisian florists and the city.

Humus & Associés

Between prevention and management of local bio-waste, the association is committed to recovering organic matter in the city in the region of Toulouse in France.

La Brewlangerie

A bakery-brewery that values the co-products of bread and beer in France.

Les Alchimistes

A solution for the local recovery of bio-waste from companies and communities in France.

Daily Dump

Company offering composters to homes, businesses, residences and gardens in India.

Worming Up

Upcycling of food waste in Malaysia. Detailed article.

Naga Earth

Naga Earth is a social enterprise that carries out many projects for the community of Siem Reap in Cambodia.