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Created in 2016, CirculAgronomie is an association which mission is to promote Circular Economy models around the world to as many people as possible.

We strongly believe that Circular Economy creates economic value for companies but is also more respectful of the environment and creates sustainable jobs and societal development. In a current context of demographic explosion coupled with global warming, we deeply believe that the Circular Economy is an answer to the challenges of our generation by preventing the depletion of natural resources, by reducing carbon energy consumption and by decreasing the consumption of good day-to-day.

Objectifs CirculAgronomie

We are convinced that many circular projects are flourishing around the world, in developing countries or in countries where the economy is more mature. They come from companies and associations of different sizes, with different objectives and different impacts depending on their region. But they have one thing in common : they are inspiring. Each project has its own specificities and is certainly not duplicable identically in all other regions of the world. On the other hand, it can inspire other entrepreneurs to come and reproduce the same thought pattern and adapt it to their own problems.

We believe that change is hindered by the lack of knowledge and that it is enough to highlight some projects to inspire new ones. We also know that some companies do not dare to change into a circular model because they are afraid of the non-feasibility of this type of model. These companies can rest assured if they have evidence that somewhere on Earth, another similar project is working.

Promote the circular economy in the agri / agro world by sharing our knowledge acquired on the field and around the globe in our encyclopedia or at conferences.

Every year, CirculAgronomie sends engineering students on expedition for several months in order to meet circular economy projects. In France and abroad, these expeditions aim to:

Find and meet inspirational circular economy projects …

… analyze them thanks to the tool developed within the association …

… publish the articles on our online platform.


The internet platform is our main mean of communication. It includes in-depth analyzes of the initiatives encountered but also a blog section in which we share news about the association and the expeditions.

CirculAgronomie is also involved in conferences and courses for students where the members of the association can convey their field vision and practical knowledge of circular economy application models in different parts of the world.

Become an inspiring actor for those wishing to begin their transition towards a circular economic model.


Thanks to its practical experience and to the data that the association accumulates, CirculAgronomie is positioned as an inspiring actor for companies, communities or associations that want to initiate their transition to more virtuous economic models. Thanks to its experience of the projects met, the association can accompany you during training sessions, awareness raising in the circular economy or at strategic meetings in order to provide a practical and concrete look at theoretical models.

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