Les Pailles de Provence

Les Pailles de Provence Recycling   FRANCE Web: Les pailles de Provence Contact: Les pailles de Provence Localisation: Cogolin (83) Sector: Recycling Date of creation: 2020 Date of meeting: 10/05-/2021 Maturity of the projet: Mature OVERVIEW Since 1966, the Rigotti company, located in Cogolin in the Gulf of Saint Tropez, has been producing reeds for […]

La Fumainerie

La fumainerie Industrial and territorial ecology Recycling   FRANCE Web: https://www.lafumainerie.com/ Contact: lafumainerie@zaclys.net Localisation: Mérignac (33) Sector: Recycling Date of creation: 2019 Date of meeting : 22/04/2021 Maturity of the project: experimentation A citizens’ association that accompanies urban territories in the transition of their food-excretion system Overview History of the project La Fumainerie [1] is […]

Toopi Organics

Toopi Organics Sustainable supply Eco-design Industrial and territorial ecology Recycling   FRANCE Web : https://toopi-organics.com/ Contact: contact@toopi-organics.com Localisation: Loupiac-de-la-Réole (33) Sector: Recycling Date of creation: 2019 Date of meeting : 21/04/021 Maturity of the project : Mature Valorise human urine into products for agriculture and industry. Overview History of the project Toopi Organics was created […]


Restovalor Recycling   FRANCE Web: https://www.restovalor.fr/ Contact: contact@restovalor.fr Localisation: Cénon (33) Sector: Recyclage Date of creation: 2020 Date of meeting : 20/04/2021 Maturity of the project : Mature Collection and recovery of bio-waste in the Bordeaux metropolitan area Overview Summary of the project Restovalor, based in Cenon on the outskirts of Bordeaux, offers a customized […]


logo cyfruileg

Cyfruileg donne une seconde vie aux fruits et légumes “moches” de la grande distribution en les transformant en jus, soupes et confitures.


logo ovive

Ovive recovers shellfish waste from oyster farmers on the French Atlantic coast into animal feed, mainly for gallinaceans.


Echo-Mer Industrial ans territorial ecology Recycling Extension of product lifespan   FRANCE Web: https://echo-mer.com/ Contact: echomer@wanadoo.fr Localisation: La Rochelle (17) Secteur: Material valorization Date of création: 2001 Date of meeting: 09/04/2021 Maturity of the project : Mature Association for the protection of the seas and the coastal environment. Overview Summary project During a transatlantic crossing, […]


Trivalis Recycling Industrial and territorial Ecology Responsible consumption   FRANCE Web: https://trivalis.fr/ Contact: contact@trivalis.fr Localisation: La Roche-sur-Yon (85) Sector: Waste management Date of création: 1993 Date of meeting: 02/04/2021 Maturity of the project: Achieved Trivalis is the mixed departmental union for the study and treatment of household and similar waste in the Vendée. Overview History […]

Les Marmites Volantes

Les Marmites Volantes Sustainable Supply Responsible consumption Eco-design Recycling   FRANCE Web: www.marmitesvolantes.fr Contact: commercial@marmitesvolantes.fr Localisation: Paris (75) Sector: Catering Date of creation: 2012 Date de meeting: March 2021 Maturity of the project: Mature Overview Summary of the project Les Marmites Volantes is a responsible catering project initiated by its 4 founders in 2011 with […]


Milubo Responsible consumption Fonctional economy Recycling   FRANCE Web: https://www.milubo.com/ Contact:  hello@milubo.com Localisation: Montreuil (93) Sector: Catering Creation date: 2019 Meeting date: December 2020 Project maturity: Under development Overview Project Summary  Milubo is a French company founded in April 2019 in Paris. Milubo offers a “zero waste” solution and a new consumption mode for fast […]