Mister Bin


Web: mister_bin_officiel

Contact: romain.pellat@gmail.com

Localisation: Paris

Sector: End of life

Creation date: Under development

Meeting Date: November 2020

Project maturity: Creation


Mister Bin is an intelligent waste management solution that improves the recycling process where it starts – at home. In France, only 26% of municipal waste was recycled in 2016 [Eurostat]. Mister Bin is the answer to this problem.

Mister Bin deploys an innovative & fun waste garbage can, based on the IoT, which recognizes, sorts, compresses and controls the waste fill level automatically, for 7x more efficient recycling with 3x less cost.

Practical, design and modern, Mister Bin simplifies your waste management in every detail!

By increasing the amount of recycled resources through its system based on AI and image processing, Mister Bin facilitates the journey towards a sustainable and clean circular economy. 

Thus Mister Bin : 

  • Improves the sorting performances and the second life of the material.
    Offers a reward program (donations and discounts).
  • Promotes energy transition.
    Generates savings (monitoring and optimization of collection rounds).

Its mission is to revolutionize the recycling chain by creating a sustainable solution that fully automates waste management!

After 1 year of research, Valentin and Romain are now 100% dedicated to Mister Bin. Station F, YC, BC100, Prix de l’initiative, Ticket for Change and the BPi already believe in them! 

They are entering the prototyping phase with the support of Leroy Merlin.

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