The Drive tout nu




Location: Beauzelle (31)

Sector: Distribution

Date of creation : 2018

Date of analysis: Février 2021

Project maturity : Mature

A zero waste drive


The concept of the Drive tout nu was born in 2018 with Salomé and Pierre Géraud following the alarming observation on the amount of waste produced by mass distribution. This observation, Pierre was able to realize during a trip to a country that did not have a waste recovery system. The waste is in the open air, in full view of everyone. 

When he returned to France, he had the idea of democratizing zero waste consumption, which allows everyone to reduce their household waste production.

However, shopping in zero waste is not easy and can be restrictive for a novice in the matter. The “drive” format makes it accessible to everyone. That’s how the Drive tout nu was born. A way accessible to all to do its shopping zero waste. The first drive opens north of Toulouse in 2018. Today, 3 drives are present in Toulouse and another will open in Lille. All products are distributed in glass jars. Thus the products are presented in an authentic way and naked (like the drive). Customers return the washed jars and receive a 10 cent voucher.

  • 4 Drives (3 in Toulouse, 1 in Lille)
  • 200 baskets/ drive a week
  • 150 locals producers
  • 1 700 references in catalog
  • Sustainable supply with work on product sourcing: 60% local producers within a 100km radius of the drive, national products selected according to criteria corresponding to the values of the circular economy. Banning of ultra-processed products (UPC).
  • Functional economythrough the use of jars. They are owned by the Drive tout nu and are made available to its customers as packaging. They are then washed and maintained by the Drive.
  • Responsible consumption by the democratization of zero waste, local consumption and products that meet strict production criteria.
  • Extension of product lifespan of ‘packaging’ : we no longer use a single package but a reusable glass jar.

Project operation

The Drive tout nu is a zero waste drive that offers a wide range of local, national (for what can not be local) and ultra national (products considered as current consumption products that can not be found in metropolitan France. This is for example the case of bananas).

The goal is to avoid having to go to multiple stores to shop: consumers should find all the products they need in one place.

After ordering, customers receive their products in glass jars. They can also return their washed jars for a 10 cent voucher.

Schema fonctionnement drive tout nu

Dry goods, cheese and solid cosmetics are sold in glass jars. The products are thus presented in their raw state.

As far as household products are concerned, they are subject to strict standards. They are sold in plastic containers and each container is specific to a product.

Le Drive tout nu is working on referencing meat that will be sold in vacuum-packed glass jars.

At the creation of the first drive, the glass jars came from donations. Today, due to the success of the project, the donations of glass jars are not sufficient to cover the demand. The vast majority of the jars used have therefore been purchased.

The operation with a deposit system was not feasible. To recover the empty jars, the Drive tout nu has set up a voucher system: the customers bring back the containers and accumulate 10ct of voucher per container brought back when they reach 2€. This model, based on trust, allows the recovery of the jars. 

The jars and capsules are washed by the customers. When they come to the drive-through, they are exchanged for vouchers. Once received, they are washed and pasteurized before being reused in the drive.

Some suppliers of the drive operate with a reverse deposit system.

Product sourcing is based on 3 rules:

  • zero waste : a work is carried out with the producers who wish to develop this zero waste side. For the processed dishes, the producers recover the jars.
  • local products: 60% of producers are located within 100km of the drive.
  • quality : although the organic label is an indicator of quality, it is not exhaustive. This is why the Drive tout nu does not restrict its catalog to products from organic agriculture but chooses its suppliers according to their agricultural practices. The suppliers must answer a schedule of conditions elaborated internally.

Domestic products, which cannot be sourced locally, come from companies offering a circular economic model.

The drives do not offer ultra-processed products; the products sold cannot have a list of ingredients that cannot be found in the kitchen. Attention is also paid to the manufacturing process.

For ultra-national products, the drives only offer products for everyday consumption (bananas, chocolate, tea…) that cannot be found on French territory so as not to compete with French products. The Drive tout nu works with Etic Miam for the sourcing of international products in respect of the values of short circuit and fair trade.


The Le Drive tout nu’s zero waste initiative helps to fight against the production of waste and single-use packaging. The development of this type of approach makes it possible to democratize the reuse of containers and the end of single-use plastic-based packaging.

The development of this project makes it possible to develop the economic fabric of Toulouse by relying on the short circuit.

Le Drive tout nu has the ESUS approval : Solidarity Company of Social Utility. The company’s statutes include the notion of environmental and social impact. In concrete terms, this translates into a responsible energy supplier, the implementation of compost, solidarity investors, a solidarity bank…

Le Drive tout nu is developing as a network based on collaboration and collective intelligence. All franchisees must also be ESUS certified.


Numerous zero waste sales projects are emerging throughout the territory, such as the écho des Bocaux store in Saumur. These initiatives allow the democratization of a more environmentally friendly way of consumption.

The Drive Tout Nu aims to develop throughout the country with the creation of franchised drives like the one in Lille, which will open in 2021.

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