Newsletter number 7 – June 2019

Newsletter 7 Three months in Asia! #Expé 1 The #Expé1 started its second month in India with new projects in Bangalore. A circular coconut farm, an edible tableware business and a coconut leaf straw business. Then they went to the state of Kerala to meet a farm that produces and uses compost from fishing waste […]

Newsletter number 6 – May 2019

Newsletter 6 News from Asia Now it’s time to start the biggest part of our trip, the #Expé1 is now in India for 10 weeks. Enough time to cross this gigantic country (by train and bus only) and meet its population. The second largest in the world with nearly one billion three hundred million people! […]

Newsletter 5 – October December 2018

Newsletter 5 Our new members This year, 2 expeditions are leaving to discover the circular economy in Asia. After Nepal, Clémence Robson, Julie Limasset and Virgil Hervagault are currently in New Delhi, the beginning of a two-month trip to India. The second expedition, composed of Clémence Gagnaire, Clémence Chatué and Manon Mangin, is now in […]


Milubo Responsible consumption Fonctional economy Recycling   FRANCE Web: Contact: Localisation: Montreuil (93) Sector: Catering Creation date: 2019 Meeting date: December 2020 Project maturity: Under development Overview Project Summary  Milubo is a French company founded in April 2019 in Paris. Milubo offers a “zero waste” solution and a new consumption mode for fast […]