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Home What is Circular Economy ? Our project The encyclopedia Newsletter Langues Mifactori Web : https://mifactori.de/ Contact :  hello@mifactori.de Localisation : Germany Date of meeting : 10 May 2023 Maturity of the projet : Mature Eco-design Recycling Open source A design studio Mifactori is a studio for open circular design based in Berlin. For more […]


Home What is Circular Economy ? Our project The encyclopedia Newsletter Langues Madaster Web : https://madaster.com/ Contact :  info@madaster.com Localisation : Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Norway, Austria Date of meeting : 20 april 2023 Maturity of the projet : Mature Eco-design Recycling Digitalization Eliminate waste from the construction sector Created six years ago, Madaster is […]

Toopi Organics

Toopi Organics Sustainable supply Eco-design Industrial and territorial ecology Recycling   FRANCE Web : https://toopi-organics.com/ Contact: contact@toopi-organics.com Localisation: Loupiac-de-la-Réole (33) Sector: Recycling Date of creation: 2019 Date of meeting : 21/04/021 Maturity of the project : Mature Valorise human urine into products for agriculture and industry. Overview History of the project Toopi Organics was created […]

Les Marmites Volantes

Les Marmites Volantes Sustainable Supply Responsible consumption Eco-design Recycling   FRANCE Web: www.marmitesvolantes.fr Contact: commercial@marmitesvolantes.fr Localisation: Paris (75) Sector: Catering Date of creation: 2012 Date de meeting: March 2021 Maturity of the project: Mature Overview Summary of the project Les Marmites Volantes is a responsible catering project initiated by its 4 founders in 2011 with […]


Vépluche is an example of a circular economy solution applied to bio-waste from collective and commercial catering.

The proposed offer is twofold: a free collection of bio-waste and in return for which restaurant owners commit to buying fruits and vegetables proposed by Vépluche.
The collection and distribution of the products is done according to zero-carbon logistics, with the application of the zero-carbon last kilometer rule. To do this, Vépluche uses a super-cargo bike and an electric van to ensure food distribution and waste collection with a reduced carbon footprint.

The bio-waste is composted in their plant based in Châtillon to be transformed into compost, sold in particular to Parisian florists and the city.


A cooperative to revive the hemp textile industry in the South West of France.


Eco-friendly surfboards printed in 3D from recycled plastic.


A cooperative developing a local hemp industry in the Perche region of France.