Pasah Cafe & Raithanne

Responsible consumption


Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

Sector: Sales and services

Working local.


The first two meetings of expe 1 in Kathmandu : 

  • Raithaane, a local restaurant with ethnic and organic products from Nepal.
  • Pasah café, a nice place to relax and purchase 100% Made in Nepal items.


In Nepal, organic agricultural products are mostly uncertificated. Indeed, they come from rural areas where isolation usually makes it impossible for farmers to practice an agricultural activity based on chemical products. It is also difficult to have a regular and standardized supply.

This is a good way to find all these products gathered in one place and give them more opportunities for development. These initiatives therefore enable small local producers to move up the range and professionalism. This is due in particular to the growing demand for these new types of products in Nepal.

These meetings were fruitful as we got information to understand the nepalese sustainable development ecosystem.

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