Newsletter 8

CirculAgronomy in the last 6 months

Hello to all,

The 2 teams of Circulagronomie 2020 were ready for the big departure (flights planned on March 22nd for the expedition in Oceania and on April 6th for the expedition in Latin America), but the current circumstances make that we remained confined in France. We thus take advantage of this transitional period to present you the actions that we carried out these last months to develop the association!

In the next Newsletter, we will present you the 2020 expeditions, and how we are going to adapt our projects to face the health crisis of COVID-19.

Our latest articles

Expedition 2019 has just published several articles on the projects they met last year in Asia. Expedition 2020 is still blocked in France, but last month we visited a farm in Belgium. Here are the summaries of the 2 new articles we have selected for you :

BIGH Farm, a sustainable urban aquaponics farm

In February we visited BIGH Farm, an aquaponic farm in the heart of Brussels, with local, sustainable and social food production! The farm employs people in reintegration or in a handicapped situation, and contributes to the development of knowledge in aquaponics and urban farming by opening its space to all publics. They raise fish and cultivate tomatoes and organic aromatic plants while saving material and recycling their green waste, all with optimized energy consumption!

We have also produced a video to complement the scientific article, which you can view on our website by clicking here

BIGH FARM, une ferme aquaponie urbaine et durable

Dat Butter, Sustainable Production of Peanut Butter

The 2019 expedition met last year with Dat Butter, a company located on the outskirts of Ho-Chi-Minh, Vietnam. A network of local farmers for sustainable peanut butter, its objective is to help Vietnamese farmers develop while pooling resources and teaching a virtuous and reasoned cultivation of peanuts and cashews.

You can read the article on our website by clicking here

Dat butter, protection durable de beurre de cacahuète

Our circular economy tips

In addition to the articles, in the last few months we have made some posts around the circular economy, which you can find on our social networks !

An example of an awareness message published on our Instagram account

Conferences and Events

Return of 2019 Expeditions

The 6 students who discovered last year with CirculAgronomie Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore) and South Asia (India, Nepal, Sri Lanka) gave several conferences on their return. They shared their experience:

  • at the Maison des Agros (AgroParisTech Alumni) at the Quai Voltaire, during an event focused on entrepreneurship, co-organized by the Vitae Forum and UniAgro Agro Entrepreneurs (September 2019).
  • at AgroParisTech, during an evening conference organized by CirculAgronomie and dedicated to students (November 2019).

Future of waste

Salomé Schuh (exped2020) and Clémence Robson (exped2019) presented CirculAgronomy and the Circular Economy at the Future of Waste #BiodéchetsetPréjugés conference (January 2020).

ChangeNOW Summit

CirculAgronomie took part in the ChangeNOW Summit at the Grand Palais, the first Universal Exhibition of Solutions for the Planet. We met with many players in the field of environmental and social innovation, particularly in the area of Circular Economy.

International Agricultural Show

We were invited to the AgroParisTech stand at the Salon de l’Agriculture to make a presentation on CirculAgronomy and Circular Economy. This conference was led by Audren Letellier (expé2020).

European Workshop on Bioeconomy

CirculAgronomie was represented at the “European Workshop on Bioeconomy” organized by INRAE, IRSTEA and IFPEN in collaboration with three French ministries in October 2019. Léna Momus (expedition2020) was selected to be part of the Young Scientist Panel, where she led round tables on the bioeconomy.

CirculAgronomie was also present...

  • at the AfterWork of GreenFlex on “Economic Models of Disruption and Entrepreneurship” (November 2019)
  • at CITÉO’s Circular Challenge de CITÉO, a competition for start-ups in the Circular Economy (December 2019)
  • at the ESCP morning session on indicators of the circular economy, co-organized by the EC Chair, Entreprises pour l’Environnement (EpE) and the Institut National de l’ESCP (March 2020)

For the moment, the events and conferences around the circular economy that we were planning to share with you are cancelled or postponed… But we will keep you informed for the rest!

The CirculAgronomy association

CirculAgronomie is an association created in 2016 by two AgroParisTech students as part of a gap year project. Our ambition is to link circular economy projects around the world in the fields of agriculture and food industry. We analyze their social and environmental impact and their reproducibility through the seven pillars of circular economy described by ADEME. To do so, students in gap year carry out expeditions to different countries every year. This year, we will be 5 students… in France!

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