Laiday Refill

Responsible consumption



Location: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Sector: Sales and services

Date of analysis: May 2019

Developing a zero waste community.


We met Quyen Nguyen in a café next to her recently opened shop : Laiday Refill Station.

Married to a French man, she had the opportunity to travel many times in Europe and to state that many eco-friendly shops exist there, along with many organizations promoting local and sustainable farming, while there is nothing alike in Vietnam. In may 2018, she decided with the other co-founder to run their own business despite the risks and investments it would imply.
“Our model is not just about the profit, it is about the profit, the environment and the people”.

The shop sells 30 refillables items, all coming from vietnam. The shop also sell a great variety of reusable items, which, on the other hand, have 30% of them coming from outside of the country (toothpaste from Germany, Reusable pads from India…), since they still cannot be found there. 80% of her suppliers are family business, as she wants to promote Vietnamese development. The products remains affordable for every demographic, even if they are a bit higher priced. The sales also enable Laiday Refill to organize free workshops about sustainable lifestyle, which attract more and more vietnamese people.

«We’re not here to sell the product, but the lifestyle». And that sums it up.

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