Sustainable supply


Contact: Hipaya Organic

Location: Quang Nam, Vietnam

Sector: Agriculture

Analysis by the association: April 2019

Responsible organic farm.


In a green and quiet area of Hoi An is a beautiful garden: Hipaya Organic Garden. It is there that we met Dzung and Vi, two managers of the first organic farm of the Quang Nam province in Vietnam.

“We created this farm two years ago. The soil was only sand, but we still decided to try our luck. If it’s a success here, it means that we can cultivate anywhere”.

Today, the garden is lush and more than 50 types of plant species are grown here, without synthetic chemicals and pesticides.

The project started four years ago. The founder, Mr. Huynh, was not satisfied with the sanitary quality of the food given to his daughter in the school canteen. So he decided to start growing “natural” vegetables to show that it is possible.

“In Vietnam, the idea that you have to eat healthy to be healthy is not very important. People buy what is cheapest. We think differently: if you buy organic products, it will be good for you in the future.”

And it works wonders. Hipaya now owns two farms in addition to the experimental garden, with five people working on each farm, and is building a natural fertilizer manufacturing unit.

In addition, the project has inspired neighboring farms, which have also adopted natural farming! “It’s a good thing. We’re not in competition, we want more and more people to start farming this way. We want things to change.

In a few years, things have already changed: Mr. Huynh’s daughter now eats organic vegetables in the canteen.


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