Hananaoie Resort

Sustainable supply


Web: http://hananoie-nepal.com/en

Location: Astam, Nepal

Sector: Agriculture

Date of analysis: May 2019



Expé1 went to Astam, a 1400m high mountainous village at 17km from Pokhara, to visit the Hananoie Permaculture resort.

Hananoie’s founder comes from Japan. Aware of the damages of industrial farming and pesticides among his generation, he established Hananoie in the late 90’s, a place to foster and promote a respectful farming for both earth and health. Durga Datta Adhikari, son of the former landowner, is now the 4 hectares resort’s manager. 4 people are employed to cultivate the hundred of different varieties of vegetables and fruit, following permaculture principles.

Animals are of course part of the system : 2 water buffalos for milk, 5 goats for meat and a dozen chickens. The products are consumed by the resorts clients and staff. Extras are given to villagers or used by the Japanese restaurant coupled to the resort, opened in early 2000’s. About waste, animal and human manure is biodigested and produce biogas used for cooking and heating staff cottage. Food waste, crop waste and animal manure are gathered into a vermicompost. As regards plastic, mountain water is filtered in order to reduce plastic bottles use.

Visitors come from Western countries and Japan, seeking for peace, a beautiful view on the Annapurna range and healthy food. However Hananoie is also involved in the local community, by providing villagers workshops and trainings about eco-friendly farming ?

Hananoie resort is punctuated by the alternation of dry and wet seasons. “We follow the nature.” Durga says. The menu changes during the year, nature’s rhythm is respected.

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